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SIGMA Weekly Astro Website Review Heavens
Tuesday 21 April 2020

SIGMA Astro Photography basics Pt 1
Monday 11 May 2020

Astro Photography basics Pt 2
Maarten de Vries – Video Astrophotography
Monday 18 May 2020

Astrophotography basics Pt3
Sunday 31 May 2020

SIGMA Website review
Tuesday 21 April 2020

SIGMA Weekly Website Review Stellarium
Tuesday 21 April 2020

Solar observing
A large prominence and active areas were observed during the live stream from the the observatory using a Lunt Hydrogen Alpha Solar Scope. This is a ten minute time lapse video showing the complexity with in these Prominence.
Saturday 11 May 2024

Speaker Videos

Prof. Martin Hendry has provided these videos after his talk in February 2023:

James Clerk Maxwell” (with Catherine Heymans)

Feature on Maxwell for Border TV (begins about 10:40)