Moray Young Carers Fun Day – August 2005

On Saturday 6th August 2005 Moray Young Carers held their first fun day in Lhanbryde. The day was arranged and planned by the Young Carers’ Action Group, made up of young carers and members of staff.

The day was a huge success with much fun being had by all!SIGMA was invited along to show off their astronomical skills and proved to be a big hit.As the day was sunny, Bill Leslie and Tam Fairley took along their telescopes with special solar adapters for sun gazing, while Andrew Reddy manned the stands!I would emphasise at this point please that it is important NEVER TO LOOK AT THE SUN THROUGH A TELESCOPE unless you are under the guidance of someone who knows what they are doing!

Photos taken by SIGMA and shown with kind permission of the various parents and Moray Young Carers.