Going Nova 2005

“Going Nova” held its inaugural event at Forres in November 2005. The event was held at Horizon Scotland, Forres Enterprise Park, Forres on 10th, 11th and 12th November 2005.

The festival was split into three separate “events” with Thursday 10th Nov being a “Business Day”, Friday 11tha “Schools Day” and Saturday 12tha “Public Day”.

Each day involved talks, discussions, workshops, exhibitions and hands-on activities but each day was be different in its composition. A very exciting part of the festival was the opportunity to observe and take part in information gathering and data analysis from the Faulkes Telescope.

As well as the main event at Horizon Scotland, there were two evening events at local locations.

The whole event was a huge success, testemant to the hard work and effort by the organisers and local astronomy clubs; SIGMA and Highlands Astronomical Society.

Images of the day can be seen in our Flickr album