Club Telescopes for Hire

Though we are at the end of the viewing season there is still time to use the club telescopes should you want to (please note the Helios is not available at the moment.)

Should you wish to hire a scope, email me at

The Skywatcher 6 inch Dobsonian is a superb all-round telescope and is also extremely easy to set up and use. It gives excellent views of planets, galaxies and deep sky objects alike.

The 90mm (3.5 inch) Helios refractor on an EQ mount gives higher magnifcation than the Dobsonian, and is really great for planetary viewing. The Helios also gives resonable views of galaxies and nebulea. Though higher magnification does mean it has a smaller field of veiw, and being on an equitorial mount it will need a little practice to get used to. If you’ve never used an equitorial mount before I will be more than happy to demonstrate how to set it up and work it.