Review of Astronomical Presentation

by Jackie and Rob Eadie

Satellite Data and Planetary Ecology
by Dr. Matjaz Vidmar from University of Edinburgh

Aberdeen Astronomical Society, 11th April 2023

“Scotland is the complete package”

The Speaker     5/5

  • Mat spoke with great passion and energy, to present a clear, informative and fast-paced overview of satellite technology and Scotland’s place in both research and application
  • very receptive to questions and even returned to answer more after the break
  • broad experience in the field but specialist in data collection and processing

The Topic          5/5

  • 3 categories: time-signal satellites for GPS services; communication (internet still predominantly undersea cables); and broadcasting (quite an array looking back at Earth)
  • data acquired shows changes on Earth and plays a significant role in understanding global warming effects, pollution, flood risks and even poorly insulated housing
  • interesting slides illustrating hardware, data samples and range of Scottish companies involved (felt very proud)

Most interesting points   5/5

  • Scotland is developing 4 small launch sites (Shetland, Orkney, Sutherland/Forres, Prestwick Airport) and is already second only to the US in the satellite arena
  • Glasgow-Edinburgh-Dundee constitutes an integrated hub providing the whole package (creating and launching satellites and collecting data) as required by all manner of institutions and companies
  • impressive collaboration between the universities and numerous Scottish businesses
  • very pleasing that sustainability is at the heart of the industry
  • ideas to deal with space debris being floated; great concept = recycling station in geostationary orbit to collect, repair, recycle and remove – we shall see!
  • further to success with LIGO detector, ongoing LISA project using 3 laser detector satellites to increase sensitivity to gravitational waves

Let’s hope we can have Mat over to give SIGMA a talk soon!!!


Editors note: Matjaz has given talks to SIGMA – his last talk is available on our YouTube channel.