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Moray's Astronomy Club, SIGMA

Next Meetings:

  • Friday 5th February 2016 – 'A Journey to a Nearby Star' - Paul Jenkins , Highlands Astronomical Society

    Based  on  a  study  carried  out  in  the  70’s,  Paul  will  be discussing  what  would  be  involved  in  journeying  to  a nearby star, and whether it would be feasible. The talk will look at the conclusions and outcomes of the study and also comment on recent updates.

  • Friday 4th March - 'Opening a New Window on Einstein's Universe' - Prof. Martin Hendry, University of Glasgow

  • To celebrate the centenary of Einstein's theory of Relativity, Martin will be discussing gravitational waves, "ripples" produced by some of the most violent events in the cosmos.  He will explore the amazing science and technology behind detecting these waves, and what they tell us about Einstein's Universe.

All club members can also attend the meetings by the Highlands Astronomical Society (HAS).

Future meetings:

Not a Member?  Why not come along as the first meeting's free so you can 'try before you buy'.

Not sure where we meet? Follow this link to Birnie Village Hall where we meet, with doors at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.


Image(s) of the Moment:


Alan admits he didn't intend to make a star trail image as he was just trying to capture a Geminid meteor; he is I understand still waiting........ Sirius is the bright star/ trail just the centre of the image/ ruins.

More images from club members can be seen at the gallery.


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